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Two Fairy Courts and a Full Day of Merriment


The Aubergine Faeries bring delight wherever they go. You can recognize them by their monarch wings and flowered garments. Friendly and approachable, creative and beautiful, they add sparkle, always! They have performed in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia's Fairy Festivals. They are instrumental in Making BFF work!

Big Band Theory of Baltimore are playing only at the Masquerade, Friday the 13th! A non-profit community band that plays a variety of music all with a full jazz sound. With songs from the 30's up to today, they perform standards, oldies, classic rock, country and more. They are HUGE! They asked for TWENTY FOUR CHAIRS!

Brinjal is more than a music and a dance ensemble, they are a music and dance experience. They combine Middle Eastern music with that of magical realms. Dancers take the audience on an interactive journey of love, light, monsters, darkness, excitement, and awe. Meticulous costuming helps create and maintain their otherworldly scenes. Playing at the Ball the 13th! On the 14th, they invite you to join in at the end of the day in an all-out jam.

Chastity VonFae is a fairy born to King Cadeyrn and Lady Faelan of County Clare, Ireland. Her story: We lived peacefully. We shared our land with the human family O'Deas. We lived without incident till a new human king built his castle on our land and claimed it his. The O'Deas fled to a new land.known as America. As the O'Deas had kept us secret and safe I was charged with their safe travels to this new land: My father turned me to a mermaid and sent me into the sea. After a long journey we arrived. I had met many Mer People and had become part of their family, but I missed flying. In my fairy family, we did not have wings but our magic was strong and flight was easy. I changed myself back to a legged form but I was not the same. I no longer had the magic of flying. I was not terribly saddened as I had fallen in love with the water, my new family and the beautiful sights of the ocean. Over the years I have missed flying, and so took to climbing the rigging of ships. I became skilled in stunts. It was the closest I could come to flight. I have since learned many ways to be in the sky again. Watch me soar!

Visit the Goblin Embassy! As part of the Seelie Court ordered community service, the goblins have set up an embassy to provide outreach and sanctuary for any who love Hobs & Gobs! We hope to present special events throughout the weekend! Come for you complimentary goblin makeover! Learn the song of the color of our people! And much more! Wedji is a goblin that wants to grow up to be a faerie. She entertains patrons with stories, jokes, and improvised ukulele songs that will stun and amaze! She teaches kids and adults alike that it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, it's what's inside that matters. She is often joined by her best friend, Azog. This giant goblin has the most tender heart! Especially where there is food involved!

See Joffrey the Giant! Shake hands with a Giant and have your picture taken with one of the higher ups of the Faerie Realm. When armed with a magic balloon pouch, he can make you a sculpture, a hat, or even fairy wings out of thin air! Joffrey can be found in the faerie Grotto as the faire opens, playing music and inviting all to join him.

Spiritstone invites you into a world of mystery and magick. Let your soul ignite within these mystical realms as you embark on this musical journey with us! Do you believe?

The Meer is a band that blends elements of rock, indie, folk, with an extensive sound and local following.

Shorestoflames is a tribe of entertainers that are locked on land on the east coast, shipwrecked "Maryland", and entertaining with a purpose and with a message behind them: "Our art is something that makes us. Regardless what you may do. We want to open the eyes of imagination with a little bit mer magic of course. And don't forget about our land walking pirates. Bringing a blaze to the shores and a fire to your eyes, while helping out our community with outdoor cleanups. We support family outings and festivals. Any questions email us at

Soolah Hoops, as an instigator of fun & merriment, Soolah Hoops brings joy and a sense of play to the community through her love of sharing her hoops with everyone. Soolah is Hoop & Fire Dance Performer as well as a Hoop Dance Instructor and facilitates classes and hoop meditation workshops around the country.

Tari Lagru is an ecclectic music and dance group brought together by the love of language and music, and these loves are ever-present in everything they do. Their interactive show presents bits of cultures, both real and imagined, in unexpected ways.


The Tool Shed plays old time, country, and folk songs. The band is Dave Thomas on banjo and vocals, Cara White on saw and vocals, and Richard Ochs on washtub bass. We invite the audience to sing along!

Tower Green plays traditional and original songs on modern and period instruments, including recorder, harpsichord and hurdy gurdy. Genre-bending, the music and lyrics span a remarkable diversity of worlds, from ancient Rome to medieval Europe to magical realms inhabited by dark elves and fey folk. Tower Green has appeared at the Virginia Renaissance Faire, the Maryland Faerie Festival, the Greenbelt Green Man Festival, the New Deal Cafe, and the World Folk Music Association Showcase.