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By Kalindi, Winged Storyteller
Visitors to the Rawlings Conservatory got an extra treat this Winter, with numerous Green Man and Green Lady sightings at odd hours in the Tropical, Mediterranean, and Palm Houses, as well as the outdoor gardens. Twiddle Fletchenstaff, head of the fae gardening division, has been working extensively with the Green Outreach program to secure visits from the master and mistress of all green things, and he informs Fae News exclusively that their visits at this time are a positive sign in the process.

“I couldn’t be more delighted to have greeted the Green Man and his Lady as our guests at the Conservatory,” Mr. Fletchenstaff effused. “Of course they don’t announce their visits in advance. These are surprise inspections, to see if our operations are up to the Green Outreach program’s standards – but I’m confident that we have made a good impression.” Indeed, many agree with Mr. Fletchenstaff’s assessment.

Three dryads, who have grown considerably since the visits, confirm that each spent several minutes in company with the Green Man. It promises to be a vibrant and flourishing Spring for our plants at the Rawlings Conservatory!

Meanwhile, a human child named Alysha Coombs, age 8, confirms that the Green Lady spent nearly an hour lingering among the orchids in the Tropical House on January 12th of this year. Older humans of course dismissed her insistence about a green lady with green skin and leaves as hair with remarks such as, “Children have such imaginations, don’t they?” Clearly these grown-ups can’t even tell when they’re being interviewed by a brownie; one shudders to think what nonsense they’re peddling to children instead of the simple truth. We’ve seen what they peddle as “brownies” and find it beyond disturbing that children are coached to EAT them. Young Ms. Coombs, naturally, has been invited back in the spring for a special tour by Mr. Fletchenstaff himself.
Posted by Kalindi at 1:29 pm on Mar 7, 2015
Tags: Green Lady, Green Man