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by Chief Reporter, Kalindi
A convocation of Corvids recently convened at the Cathedral of Mary our Queen on Charles Street to discuss the state of the treasury. The Great Raven, who as we all know guards the vault in the Bromo Seltzer tower, made his key opening remarks in High Corvid to open the meeting. Our translators report a positive tone and an encouraging note about the realm’s increased reserve of shinies.

Some suspicion remains, however, that the true state of the realm’s finances is less than robust. Small groups of Magpies were spotted at various places during the event, speaking in low hushed tones in a Magpie dialect of Corvid Cant, which translators could not fully understand. As the Magpies are employed almost exclusively as the Great Raven’s signature treasury guard, their distress is something savvy market-watchers take an interest in. As the saying goes, you will never get a shiny past a magpie! The snatches of conversation available to us indicate a heavy and distressing repetition of, “big/many shiny missing/hidden,” and, “secret dark queen.”

Has the Unseelie Queen been embezzling realm funds during her season on the throne? Could this be some trick of the Magpies? It is to be hoped that Her Serene Seelie Majesty Shaylea III will conduct a full audit of the treasury to confirm the state of the realm’s finances before her annual coronation gala, May 16th.

editor’s note: A convocation of Corvids is also known as a ‘murder’.
Posted by Kalindi at 1:38 pm on Mar 7, 2015
Tags: Corvids