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Following a special audience with the Magpie Queen, the newly formed Trash Troll-Hobgoblin Alliance announced a new initiative for recycled housing.

“Dis haz been somefing dat haz been sorely needed,” commented former Hobgoblin King Kwiplick in a hand-written note to the Press. “Makin’ houses from stuffs we findz iz gonna help de Trash Trolls stay outten uf the weather whilez also keepin’ lotsa stuffs outten uv the landfillz.”

Sources state that Queen Maggie is thrilled to have granted permission for the project to proceed, praising the alliance for its commitment to recycling, and to the tithe of found shineys recovered during the recycling efforts.

The housing project itself will consist of a construction of found objects, and be 'base of operations' for the Trash Trolls recycling efforts.

Posted by JacquiH42! at 12:15 pm on Feb 22, 2019
Tags: Hobgoblins, Trash, Trolls