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By Kalindi, Reporter-at-Small
As many of those sensitive to the turning of the year are no doubt aware, the Winter Solstice was a delicate and difficult time this year. As part of the ongoing dispute between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, the weather whipped back and forth from deathly cold to positively spring-like. There could of course be no doubt that their Majesties the Queenes were having Words of a most pointed sort.

However, those who were out at the exact turn of the year may have noticed the elf-lights bobbing about in Druid Hill Park.

Rumor has it that this was a mediating delegation of elves sent from the further reaches of the Kingdom of Apples. As mere subjects of the Realm we are of course not entitled to pry into affairs of state, but the calm and settled weather immediately following indicates that the delegation was successful in brokering an agreement.

According to Lilaea, a prominent limniad who resides in Druid Lake, she and her sisters (who form the local celebrated band “Sirens Wail”) provided musical entertainment for the visiting dignitaries, who were escorted home after the festivities through our complex faerie tunnel network that mortals insist on referring to as “sewers”. Neither Queen has yet released an official statement about the Solstice Truce, instead insisting that there is a redcap uprising in Western Cemetery that requires all of our attention.
When questioned by your intrepid reporter, both the local Penrose Nockers and the Gremlins Benevolent Association issued a firm statement that there have been no recent issues, beyond the usual. “You know redcaps,” stated one gremlin who asked not to be identified, “they’re always up to something – probably just letting off some steam.” This reporter is left wondering what exactly it is that their Majesties the Queens wish to avoid discussing with the press.
Posted by Kalindi at 12:59 pm on Mar 7, 2015
Tags: Redcaps