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The moon has lost its way
Among the clouds that drape the skies
And the wisest heed the warning
In the magpies’ raucous cries

Tonight it’s time for Tricks and Treats,
A night of daring revels
While the faeries hold solemnities
Disguised as beasts and devils

The wheel is turning once again
For leaf and bough and fae and men

Take heed, my children,
Linger not about the city’s streets,
But hurry home and count
Your blessings as you count your sweets!

The faeries’ masque is not
For mortals and their prying eyes
It’s a strangeling bacchanalia
Made of spells and sweat and lies

The wheel is turning once again
For leaf and bough and fae and men

Beware, rash one, and seek not
To espy their darker rite
For the tide of blood and power
Floods the crossroads on this night

The Wild Hunt is a-prowling!
You can hear the hellhounds’ cry
And the brimstone of their footfalls
Lingers on as they pass by

The wheel is turning once again
For leaf and bough and fae and men

Their quarry is a luckless soul
Who’s doomed ever to run
From the teeth of savage winter
When the dark swallows the sun

Oh, stop your ears, avert your eyes
And hide away in fear
For the faeries make their revels
At the turning of the year

Old Night is coming once again
For leaf and bough and fae and men.



Posted by Kalindi at 9:23 am on Oct 2, 2015
Exclusive by Kalindi for the FNCR
Petite Potties for Pipsqueaks!
The Gnome Rights Coalition today threatened further strikes as part of its ongoing campaign for equal rights in public facilities accommodations, “Equal Rights for Unequal Heights!” Uneasy Baltimore citizens may recall the overflowing orange sewage in Woodberry and the broken water main downtown, both results of the largely-underground gnome riots of 2013. Both Seelie and Unseelie queens worked together that year to broker a deal for more potatoes and more sick leave for the gnomes who keep our underground services running smoothly. The Gnome Rights Coalition has said to expect more flooding if this year’s demands are not satisfactorily addressed. This year’s campaign focus is on public toilets sized for our smaller denizens.

“I notice,” said Elder Grubhunter, an assistant foreman in the Gnome Pipe-workers’ Union, “That our larger brethren, the giants, have any number of larger toilet stalls sized for them. In fact, theirs have a special designation of ‘handicapped’ so that most humans won’t use them, leaving those stalls open for giants’ exclusive use. Meanwhile, I need to carry a stepladder everywhere I go in case I have to take a [bathroom break]! As it is, my aim is really stretched to its limits, and most times everything ends up on the toilet seat or the floor. Not my fault. And it all comes back to one thing: size-ism! Just because I can’t squish you into jelly doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to [urinate] in peace.”

Her Serene Seelie Majesty Queen Shaylea III of the Aubergine Faeries has expressed her sympathies to our smaller citizens’ plight, and has pledged to work to make the realm of Baltimore friendlier for everyone, regardless of size. In fact, we can exclusively reveal that the May coronation ceremony will feature both standard-size facilities and others sized to gnomes, pixies, and smaller pwca – look for the signs! Her Excellent and Supreme Unseelie Majesty Queen Naimah I of Amandari has suggested the gnomes should, “suck it up,” and relieve themselves wherever they feel moved to do so, if they can’t find a toilet that meets their needs. “After all,” remarked Queen Naimah’s spokesgoblin, “that’s what humans do.”
Posted by Kalindi at 8:25 pm on Apr 28, 2015
Tags: Gnomes

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Posted by Kalindi at 8:24 pm on Apr 28, 2015
by Kalindi Winged Storyteller, Chief Reporter
Theft.... Or Power Play?

In response to concern over informal statements reported from the Corvid Convocation of Finance, Her Serene Seelie Majesty Queen Shaylea III conducted an official audit of the realm’s treasury today. She emerged from the tower ashen and clearly distressed, with news that, although the treasury is indeed flourishing, the Crown Jewels are missing and presumed stolen. Last publicly seen at the annual official coronation of Her Excellent and Supreme Unseelie Majesty Naimah I, a full four months ago during the Samhain revels, it is insisted by multiple witnesses that the jewels were duly returned to the Great Raven’s care immediately afterward.

Savvy citizens will of course realize that, without the crown jewels and the binding enchantments within them, power cannot be transferred from Unseelie to Seelie at the official coronation ball in May. This effectively leaves Her Excellent and Supreme Majesty Naimah I in power indefinitely. In light of the previously reported arguments of state between the two sisters in December, many within the realm suspect a duplicitous play – well within her character – by the Unseelie Queen to exploit a technicality and confirm all of the realm as her own without contest.

The more long-lived of our citizens will of course remember the last time such a power play was made. The Year Without a Summer, reckoned in mortal time as 1816, included frost in August and frozen rivers and lakes as far south as Pennsylvania, and marked the time when Queen Tenobia the Triumphant asserted her extended reign over the realm of New England, our neighboring realm to the north. Unless the crown jewels can be found before May 16th, coronation day, citizens of the realm can expect unseasonable cold, cocoa shortages, and increased incidences of hauntings, apparitions, and wild hunt sightings indefinitely.

Her Serene Seelie Majesty Queen Shaylea III has implored anyone with information to come forward, with 500 shinies as a reward for any information leading to recovery of the crown jewels. Her Excellent and Supreme Unseelie Majesty Queen Naimah I has released an official statement disavowing any involvement in the disappearance of the crown jewels and offering an additional 50 shinies for information that will lead to the perpetrator. This minimal effort at recovery on the part of the Unseelie is seen by many leading citizens as little more than a token effort meant to deflect suspicion from their own court in what many respected analysts are calling a blatant power grab. When asked to comment on rumors that Queen Naimah is attempting to seize year-round control of the throne, her courtiers merely snickered before giving their official statement: “Whatever. It wasn’t us, you can’t prove it, and we’re staying put until Twinkletoes gets her [edited] together and finds the crown.” Queen Shaylea III’s herald made an official reply on his mistress’s behalf: “Bless their hearts, with all implications thereunto.”

No doubt enticed by the promise of reward shinies, there has been considerable interest among the Magpie Court in the progress of the investigation. Queen Maggie has stated that her retainers will be personally reviewing security statements to determine when exactly the crown was stolen. Queen Maggie’s official statement was: “If it got past Magpies, Magpies will find the shiny crown! It definitely got stolen by somebody we did not catch. We never let a shiny get away!”


Naimah     Shalyea

Posted by Kalindi at 1:43 pm on Mar 7, 2015