April 13, 2019
11am - 6pm

Church of the Guardian Angel

2629 Huntingdon Ave

Baltimore MD 21211

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Friends and Sponsors



Big Whimsy is an entertainment company run by Nina Amaya and Joffrey the Giant. It's an umbrella for so many things- stiltwalking and balloon twisting,  music and dance! Big Whimsy makes costumes and props, too! Nina Amaya is the founder of the Baltimore Faerie Faire.

Habibi Hon Web Services is run by Jacqui, who creates the Baltimore Faerie Faire Website. Her sites can be  simple or complex. Jacqui also runs the band, Tari Lagru, and hosts belly dance music practices every week. Contact her if you would like to play music with them, or if you'd like help designing your website! jacqui_42 at yahoo dot com.


Fair Friends

There are so many festivals now, celebrating the faeries and other magical beings! There is also a lot of crossover of support and staff. Here is a list of local Faerie events:

Early May - Spoutwood Fairie Festival, the original faerie festival started in the 20th century! They are celebrating their TWENTY SEVENTH year! Held on a farm in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, it's an easy drive from Baltimore.

Mid June - Maryland Faerie Festival is held up in Darlington MD. There will be enough whimsy and mischief for any fae!

Last Weekend of June - NY Faerie Fest is one that has mystery and magic!

Mid September - DE Fairy Festival is a light-hearted event!

Late October - Faery Scary Masquerade Ball will have music, masks and magic! Come dance the night away!!!

Early November - FairieCon is one of the last events of fairy season, one last chance to see old friends and meet new ones.