May 20, 2017
11am - 7pm

Church of the Guardian Angel

2629 Huntingdon Ave

Baltimore MD 21211

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Our annual Fairy Scary Ball will be on Friday, October 26th, 2018, at the Church of the Guardian Angel!


Come play! Join Baltimores fairies, mermaids, elves and goblins on April 13th, 2019, as we welcome in the Spring. There are vendors of wings and shiny things, and music is in the air.

Our Spring Fairy Ball will be on Friday, April 12th at 6pm. Brinjal Band and Big Band Theory of Baltimore will play for your dancing pleasure.

If you'd like to keep up with other BFF events and happenings, check out our Facebook group or Facebook page!

Mission Statement: The Baltimore Faerie Faire celebrates the wonders of the natural world, and all the beings that inhabit it, real and imaginary. We seek to to heal, inspire, nurture, entertain and serve our Baltimore community by creating Wonder in an urban Faerie Festival. We strive to find balance between the concrete and the dirt, the practical and the fantastic. Promoting creativity in costume, crafts, music, dance, art and attitude, Baltimore Faerie Faire seeks to create a welcoming space for young and old, dreamers and doers, artists and patrons of the arts.


In the Forest of Steel and Stone

by Kalindi, the Fairie Bard (aka Emily Crum)

In the forest of steel and stone
In the chasing limlight shades of dark and bright
You cannot see us for the glare
But we are there
We are there

In the jungle of tumbledown houses
Where thought and memory roost in the echoing rafters
The gap-toothed windows look empty
But we are there
We are there

In the rushing river of the asphalt street
Among the dancing swirls of a million newspaper mayflies
In the pulsing heartbeat of cars as they swish past
We are there
Oh yes, we are there

In the seemingly empty in-between places
Where concrete covers the earth in a cracked blanket
And broken glass twinkles in the dancing heat haze
We are there, too
We are always there


For you

To say hello.